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In America Today…

To friends who feel sad and defeated, the election has ended, our hopes have deceased, but Allah, The All Knower, The Everlasting still lives. There is no one more powerful and more merciful than He. So all hope should not be lost. In this great country we live in, by the Will of our Creator, we can still practice our religion the way we choose to, and we can still publicly speak our thoughts. Be confident and be proud. Be you. Yes, your voice still matters, your dreams still matter and above all YOU still matter. Although at the moment it may feel as if all of America harbors anti-Muslim, anti-Minority sentiments, Gallup reports have shown that the majority of Americans do NOT harbor prejudice against Muslims. But as far as those who do, the most effective way to change their perception of me and you is to really BE a Muslim. It is not until we remember to be kind with each other, love our brothers and sisters more than ourselves, and actively care for those who are less fortunate, that the world will then see who we REALLY are as Muslims.

Take a media break, surround yourselves with loved ones, friends, neighbors and colleagues who are supportive of you. You will, inshaAllah, find that humanity is not lost. Take the time to connect with people who matter; moreover, rejuvenate and energize your soul with prayer and connection to your Lord. When we attend to these connections, and prioritize Allah above all, we will see improvement in the condition of our Ummah. We will feel strong and can be the catalyst for change in this country. In the history of the United States the greatest change has come from the youth. So YOU are our greatest hope for a better United States of America. Remember Martin Luther King was just one person, Nelson Mandela was just one person, Mohammad salallahu alaihi was sallam was just one person. But that is how it starts. So take the time to heal, re-energize and revive your strength because we are looking to you to help us work towards a just, free, and loving United States of America.

Fa inama’l usri yusra. With every hardship comes ease.”If people gathered to help you, they could not without God’s blessing, and if they gathered to harm you, they could not unless God ordained it for you.”

If you are having difficulty processing, please contact one of the following organizations. Be safe, and know you are not alone.

Stones to Bridges – www.stonestobridges.org

Stop Bullying with STOPit™ – Anonymous Reporting Solution‎ www.stopitcyberbully.com/K-12‎

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ‘1-800-273-TALK (8255)’