Donate today to support others turn their stones to bridges

It’s through your generous tax-deductible donations that we can continue to offer our existing services, and inshaAllah (God-willing), add additional services which will promote the emotional, mental and social health and well being of the youth in North America.  Some of the services we would like to offer, as we recieve the funding from generous donors like you, include:

  • A Muslim Mental Health Professionals (MMHP) Database where users can search for MMHPs across the country, by location, specialty, user reviews, etc
  • A One-on-One Online Chat with a counselor or member of the STB team
  • Online Group Chat on “hot topics”
  • National youth mentorship program
  • Parent and community awareness and outreach programs to help facilitate bridging the gap between parents / the community and their children
Recurring monthly donations in any amount are highly encouraged as they allow us to plan our programming budget and expenses most effectively.