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Want to brush up on facts about depression or read up on what causes anxiety? Interested in learning more about the types of abuse and what signs to look for?  Want to look up support and services in your area?  We have a plethora of resources at your fingertips.


Check out our growing collection of insightful and thought-provoking articles that have been gathered from around the web, or written by “Fatima”, our seasoned team of professional Muslim counselors, to help you turn your Stones to Bridges!


Our go-to blogs when we need a lift.  These are our favorite bridge-building and inspirational blogs.  Access our collection of Blogs here.


Sometimes, the right words can mend that hole in your heart. Peruse through our inspiration collection to find that dose of what you need.

The thing about inspiration – it’s meant to be shared. Have some words of wisdom, a quote you love, something you wrote, or blog that uplifts you? Well, share it with the STB community and submit a post to our inspiration collection.  Read through Inspiration posts here.

Featured Comments

Many of you have made amazing impacts in the lives of our users by commenting on their posts, helping them through their toughest struggles.  These are the “best-of”.  Read through Featured Comments that you all have shared to make a difference in the lives of others here.


Other Resources

Check out the listings in our Resources category for organizations that offer a wide range of services, ranging from hotlines to shelters to mental health services.

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